Managing strategy is managing change.


And most organizations that do so successfully adopt a disciplined process. It is a process that can be learned and mastered. Over the years we’ve learned that a great strategy poorly executed is worthless. Ultimately any organization needs to build an outstanding strategy management capability that enables them to do fundamentally three things.

First, is alignment, creating an organization where everyone is aligned to the strategy, understands exactly what it is that the organization is trying to accomplish, and his or her role in contributing to the strategy. That’s a very powerful thing when it happens.

Second, executives really have to be great at being able to understanding what’s happening inside and outside the organization, and bring those two things together to continually deploy resources to what is working and away from what is not. This is the critical skill that all executives need to have.

Finally, through the work that we’ve done for the last twelve years as the pioneers of the Balanced Scorecard approach in our region—including strategy mapping—we find that the most successful organizations build a robust strategy management process that allows them to clearly articulate and communicate objectives, measures, targets, and the initiatives required to close the performance gap between where an organization is and where it wants to go. These organizations measure their performance against their strategy, deploy their resources effectively, monitor their performance, and make appropriate adjustments in real time.

Organizations can achieve results in any given period of time as a result of a growing economy, other market conditions external to themselves, or sheer luck.

Achieving and sustaining those results year after year is no accident. It’s the result of great strategy management.

Having a strategy is necessary, but insufficient. Managing that strategy well makes all the difference.

Our value proposition

We follow proven methodology from Dr Kaplan’s teaching and research

01 The Balanced Scorecard Institutes Execution Success Process™ (XSP) provides a holistic means to integrate all the elements of strategy management in a dynamic management platform

02 The strategy management body of knowledge we make available to our clients—including industry templates and an objectives and measures library—is the most comprehensive in the world

03 We are able to link strategy to operations by identifying and managing the key strategic initiatives designed to close the performance gaps between current and desired state.