Misaligned or inappropriate governance and risk management are key barriers to successful strategy execution.


A well governed, risk managed and compliant organization delivers sustained value for its shareholders in accordance with agreed strategic objectives, making governance and risk management key ingredients to successful strategy execution.

In our experience, strategies are often developed and executed without due consideration to strategic risks – i.e., those risks that could prevent the strategy from being realized.

Organizations, while increasingly equipped to manage compliance, are not so equipped to measure and manage strategic and operational risk in a systematic way. Without this capability, organizations lack the means to predict and respond to significant risks that could undermine the strategy. Sound governance enables strategy by ensuring the organization has the appropriate policies, structures, authorities and delegations that explicitly address the link between strategy and risk.

The business environment over the past few years has been characterized by an unprecedented series of issues, surprises, and negative events that have increased the focus on the (in)adequacy of organizations’ governance, risk, and control activities at Board, Executive and operational levels.

The Balanced Scorecard Institutes approach ensures that performance is optimized by having a clear strategy implemented through a holistic strategy management system, operationalized through rigorous governance and monitored and measured through risk management mechanisms designed specifically to fit the purpose of the organization.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors all have a practical, tailored and integrated approach to governance and risk management to give them the best chance of success.
Our methodology is underpinned by globally recognized standards and decades of practical experience working with organizations to execute strategy. The benefits of our approach include enhanced decision making, accountability, compliance, transparency and alignment, resulting ultimately in sustained organizational performance.

Why hire BSCI-EMEA

01 Practical methodology to measure and manage strategic and operational risk

02 Powerful models to explicitly link governance and risk management to strategy execution

03 Experienced professionals able to coach leaders to avoid, control and manage strategic risk

04 Our approach can be tailored and scaled according to sector and industry requirement