To achieve and sustain success, your organization must manage performance.


That means linking your strategy to your operations, aligning planning and execution processes, and synchronizing business unit and enterprise objectives.

On average, companies realize only a fraction of the financial performance that their strategic plans promise – primarily due to failures of planning and execution. High performing organizations optimize planning and consolidation processes, identify critical business processes and levers, and dynamically allocate resources to drive performance.

In organizations that excel at performance management:

01 Strategic, financial, and operational plans are aligned to ensure that critical initiatives receive the resources they need to deliver results.

02 Planning, performance reporting, and rolling forecasts form a closed loop, enhancing responsiveness to changing business conditions.

03 Financial consolidation processes are efficient, accurate, timely, and aligned with the planning process to enable the effective management of results, external reporting, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

04 Dashboards and reports examine forward-looking metrics, so adjustments can be made while there’s still time to respond.

05 Dashboards and scorecards are used not just to identify issues that need rectifying but also to pinpoint successes that can be repeated across the organization.

Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA’s Performance Management Services

01 Integrated operational and financial planning – We help you define the activities, resources, and business processes you need to create and meet financial objectives as well as employee, capital, and project plans.

02 Forecasting, resource allocation, and investment management – Our approach to designing and implementing a rolling framework transforms planning from an annual activity to a continual, dynamic process that adapts as business conditions evolve.

03 Financial close and consolidations – We improve your process efficiencies and effectiveness, shorten closing timeframes, expand decision analytics, comply with statutory requirements, and increase your visibility into the business.

04 Reporting, operational dashboards, and analytics – Balanced Scorecard Institute creates frameworks and processes to help you identify potential challenges, leverage successes, and streamline financial reporting.

05 Performance management systems implementation – We implement systems and technology that help scale and sustain results.