Execute for Customer Value


In order to execute on their strategy, clients must successfully plan and implement their strategic initiatives, understand their impact and execute them well.

Since strategic initiatives are generally broad-reaching and disruptive in nature, achieving success is very challenging. To add to the challenge, there is frequently a large pool of possible initiatives, and only a few can be funded and pursued at any given time.

At Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA, we are uniquely positioned to understand the linkage between an organization’s strategy and an initiative’s benefits. Execution of initiatives must be done with the proper strategic intent and a focus on customer value.

Balanced Scorecard Institutes Initiative framework integrates execution disciplines & processes so that the desired transformation is internalized and expected benefits are realized.

Specific services we offer our clients include:

01 Customization of our Initiative framework to your organization;

02 Initiative and asset portfolio management;

03 Processes and guidelines for project and program management; and

04 Assistance with implementing specific initiatives.

We put emphasis on activities which are often ignored or given little visibility including intent management, risk and change management, communications, adoption, training and knowledge transfer.
We are experts at managing specific initiatives to achieve the intended strategic results. Balanced Scorecard Institute can work with your projects teams to implement new business processes and systems, and guide the internalization of these throughout the organization.

Why hire BSCI-EMEA

01 Ensure effective execution and achievement of benefits from strategic initiatives

02 Accelerate results and help “fund” future execution steps

03 Increase on-time and on-budget delivery of strategic initiatives

04 Increase organizations commitment and confidence

05 Increase employee engagement

06 Increase the likelihood of fully realizing the overall strategy, achieving the organizations vision, and closing the strategic value gap