This is a very comprehensive course and is tailored to be useful to participants with varying degrees of
previous background in designing and implementing performance management systems in government.

Both experienced professionals and newcomers will find it useful and enjoyable.

Following is an illustrative list of topics that will be covered during the master class:

  • Explanations about Government Performance
  • Efforts to improve Government Performance – Historical Overview
  • Understanding Performance Management/Contracting
  • Re-thinking Performance Management in Government
  • Balanced Scorecard and Results Based Management– The convergence
  • Government Performance Management as a Public Sector Reform tool
  • How to design performance Contracts – Step by Step approach
  • Building a Results Based Management System – The 10 Steps
  • The Strategy Execution Process – Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA’s 10 Steps “XSP”
  • Developing a public sector strategy
  • Developing a public sector scorecard with aligned KPI’s
  • Developing a public sector strategy map- a one page pictorial view of strategy
  • Cascading and aligning the scorecard to departments, sectors and units
  • Cascading and effectively communicating scorecards to individuals level
  • Aligning operational excellence to strategy
  • Aligning programs and budgets to strategy
  • Leading change for successful implementation of performance management – step by step

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