In recognition of the increasing citizen voice for quality and efficient services, the results based Performance Management Master Class presents a platform for participants to interrogate and assess the value performance management brings to the quest for improved service delivery.

Performance management has been touted as one of the means to jerk up service delivery and impact the lives of result starved citizens.

The master class will delve into and discuss the service improvement component of performance management with a view to provide a conduit pipe for replication of winning formulae whilst highlighting pitfalls to be marked for avoidance.

To realise this broad objective, the master class will in the main:

  1. Discuss with a view to clarify key conceptual and theoretical definitions pertaining to performance management, performance measurement, performance contracts, performance monitoring and evaluation and improved service delivery.
  2. Identify and evaluate the efficacy of performance management systems in relation to government mandate to render quality and efficient services to populations.
  3. Share and exchange information and experiences on the implementation of performance management systems across various continental administrative jurisdictions.
  4. Identify and Recommend appropriate means and policy options for optimising and making performance management a key driver of reform in the public sector.
  5. Identify and highlight key constraints and challenges that impede the effective application of performance management as a veritable tool to achieving the ultimate goal of improved services to populations.

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