Citizens in Africa are increasingly demanding that their governments demonstrate results.

The introduction of performance management as a reform output was in response to increasing calls for governments to improve accountability and demonstrate value for money.

It was also a response to the challenge faced by public sector organizations in instilling true systemic accountability.

A tried and tested saying by management guru, Tom Peters, that holds true today is that “what gets measured, gets done!”

Performance measurement has been extended to include the performance management of individual civil and public servants through implementation of the performance contracts, results based management as well as the balanced scorecard.

In our experience, the local government or counties in Africa is one place where improved service delivery is in dire need. This input will provide a valuable insight on how performance management systems, as a tool for service delivery improvement, can inject new efficiencies and effectiveness in local government service delivery interventions.

Our performance management strategies entail a shift from traditional procedural approaches to a more result-oriented culture where priority is afforded to outcomes of public policies.

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