Global Partner Program

Through our Global Partner Program, Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA is able to reach an ever expanding customer base interested in the tangible results derived from applying our integrated services that link strategy to operations.

We are actively developing collaborative relationships with market leading consulting, education and business development organizations in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia) who meet our strict standards of customer excellence, strategic thinking and creativity, integrity, and execution and results focus.

Together, Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA and the participating companies in our partner program sell and deliver strategy management, change management and leadership solutions that help our clients throughout our region achieve superior performance.

Program Benefits

01 Higher Revenue and Margins

02 Sales and Marketing Support

03 Training and Professional Development

04 Joint delivery of projects

Program Categories

01 Education Partners: deliver Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA training and certification programs in the defined territory.

02 Sales Representatives: commission-based agreement that gives representatives the right to sell, in a defined territory, Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA consulting and in-house education services on its behalf.

03 Consulting Partners: agreement to work directly with customers in the defined territory to provide strategy execution expertise and consulting services, as well as deliver Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA Education Programs.

04 Franchisees/Licensee: partners with the right to market, sell and deliver strategy execution consulting, training and conference services under the Balanced Scorecard Institutes EMEA brand in the defined territory.

05 Joint Venture Partners: Joint ownership model, whereby the partner and Balanced Scorecard Institute share responsibility for all aspects of developing the business in the target market.

If you are interested in joining Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA partner program, please contact us.

Please be cautious of claims by other companies of affiliation with Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA. Several firms claim to be affiliated and approved by us, but are not. Contact us to confirm the affiliate status of any questionable organization.

Please note that we are not affiliated to any other BSC firms anywhere in the world. We are a UK registered limited company.