Hundered of Organizations have partnered with BSCi EMEA to achieve breakthrough sustainable performance


We have a proven track record of success. We pride in client satisfaction. No matter your objectives – developing a strategy management system, measuring and monitoring performance, improving planning & budgeting and consolidation processes, or leveraging information to make better decisions – the Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA provides a cohesive set of services, including consulting, advisory, education and technology solutions.

We have highly intelligent, talented and motivated individuals with diverse cultural, educational and professional backgrounds. Our culture is driven by teamwork, learning and innovation to promote an environment of shared ideas, shared efforts and shared responsibilities. At the core of our values is customer success. We are proud of our people; who are committed to making a difference, and are willing to take on the challenge of sustaining 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Clients

We have served clients in Africa, Middle East, and Europe.