Holistic, Practical and Proven the XSP ensure that your key business processes , operations and Technologies support your strategy.

Our powerful Execution Success Process—the XSP—was developed by the Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA, the EMEA region’s leading experts on linking strategy to operations for sustainable performance.

We’ve used the XSP as a management platform to help hundreds of organizations to:

Clarify strategy

by establishing their vision and mission, articulating how the organization will differentiate itself from competitors and create new value for stakeholders, mapping the cause-and-effect linkages behind the strategy, and using tools to report progress on their strategy execution.

Drive performance

by managing strategic initiatives; linking the strategy to operational planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes; strengthening financial consolidation processes; reporting performance results; and allocating resources dynamically.

Optimize data

by leveraging business intelligence and analytical tools and technology to gather the right data; drawing the most valuable insights from it; and making timely, well-informed business decisions.

Holistic, practical, and proven, the XSP ensures that your key business processes, operations, and technologies support your strategy.

Only the XSP creates and reinforces the linkages between strategy, people, processes, and data—repairing the fragmentation that impairs execution in so many organizations.

Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA is the only firm that offers its clients a complete strategy execution system – a system supported by our practical implementation expertise. And we’ve used this distinctive competence to help organizations in every industry, in every part of the region, achieve their own Execution Success.

It would not have been possible…without the benefit of a comprehensive strategy execution tool. No learning initiative has delivered more value to this business.
– Head of Strategy & Regulation
Bord Gais