Our Solution

Senior executives consistently name strategy execution as their most pressing management challenge. Our analysis of high performing organizations show that successful execution results from having a specific management framework for clarifying your strategy and linking it to your people, processes, and technology.

Exceptional organizations don’t leave strategy execution to chance. In these enterprises:

The Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA’s system has been implemented in a pragmatic way. I’m delighted to see the way our strategic review meetings now run. There is immediate collective buy-in to problem solving…
The system is helping to ensure we deliver our strategy whilst being light on our feet and capable of taking advantage of emerging opportunities


01 All members of the leadership team participate fully in developing the strategy and are personally involved in executing it.

02 The strategy is clearly expressed. The best way to describe a strategy is through a strategy map

03 Strategy is measured, cascaded through the organization, and reported.

04 Resources are aligned to the strategy. Otherwise, strategy remains a paper exercise.

05 There is organizational support for the changes required throughout the implementation of a new strategy. Change is an inherent part of strategy execution.

06 Strategy execution is coordinated through an Office of Strategy Management.

Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA’s Strategy Services

01 Strategy clarification, planning, and measurement – Balanced Scorecard Institute unique approach to strategic planning and development creates a strategy designed for execution.

02 Organizational alignment and engagement – We help you cascade your strategy to ensure the right mix of scorecards, dashboards enabled by business intelligence technologies, measures, and reporting. The result? Everyone in your organization is tracking and working toward common objectives.

03 Resource allocation and portfolio management – Our proven approach to initiative management arms you with a process for identifying, selecting, funding, executing, and monitoring initiatives and programs that drive your strategy execution.

04 Strategy reporting and governance – We help you develop reports, coach your management team on managing strategy in a new way, and instil a discipline of sound analysis and effective decision making.

05 Change and transformation – Balanced Scorecard Institute helps your leadership team identify and manage risks and barriers to change.