International Balanced Scorecard Certification Master Class – Namibia

Strategy is measured, cascaded through the organization, and reported. Resources are aligned to the strategy. Otherwise, strategy remains a paper exercise. There is organizational support for the changes required throughout the implementation of a new strategy. Change is an inherent part of strategy execution. Strategy execution is coordinated through an Office of Strategy Management.

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The key question in the minds of every executive is how to improve performance in a highly uncertain and volatile economy.

The Bain and Company Management Tools & Trends Report once again shows The Balanced Scorecard as one of the top 5 most used management tools, predicting a further 35% usage increase .

Superior performance requires a management system that enables the organisation to focus on the things that matter, rapidly redeploy resources to the highest value activities and away from those activities that destroy or diminish value. Sustaining that performance requires discipline, alignment and agile decision-making. The Balanced Scorecard has emerged as the world’s most widely used and proven methodology for driving strategic focus, guiding hundreds of organisations, public and private to achieve breakthrough performance results.

The International Balanced Scorecard Certification Master Class, based on the materials and concept developed by Drs. Robert Kaplan and David Norton will set you and your organisation on the path to breakthrough performance results. With over 10,000 people having been trained in the Balanced Scorecard in EMEA region alone, the Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA is the recognised authority on this topic.

Our practical approach is designed to create a unique and memorable experience for participants that will provide a strong practical base knowledge of the Balanced Scorecard that gets beyond the theory.

Sincerely Yours,
Andrew Strong Jr.
Director – International Marketing
Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA

  • Process of effective Strategy Development and translations
  • Components of a complete Strategy Map
  • Steps to properly design a Balanced Scorecard
  • Methods and Techniques necessary to cascade and align strategy
  • Key linkage points between Strategy and Operations
  • How to use the BSC to translate strategic goals into tangible results.
  • How to select measures that will both accurately monitor progress and provide indicators of future performance.
  • Practical methods for using a BSC to sharpen employee focus and accountability.
  • Integrating performance measurement into daily operations across the organization.
  • Gaining Buy-in and effectively communicating the BSC
  • Learn how organisations deliver breakthrough core performance
  • Mobilise to focus on the critical few drivers of success
  • Overcome barriers to strategy implementation to create competitive advantage
  • Improve ability to measure performance
  • Deliver top line revenue improvement and bottom line results via improvements in customer satisfaction, operational performance, and alignment of the workforce
  • Receive an International Balanced Scorecard Certificate of competency


The tools and techniques to succeed
There is no better introduction to the Balanced Scorecard than learning from real life practitioners that have successfully implemented the balanced scorecard both internationally and in Africa. Our experience with scores of enterprises and with nearly 10,000 scorecards developed in the last 10 years provides insights that have been successfully leveraged by organizations that adopt-and adapt-this balanced scorecard framework.

By standing on the shoulders of regional giants, end-users are able to leverage this knowledge, avoid mistakes, and accelerate their own strategic performance.

The Master Class explains the Kaplan- Norton framework from theory, to practice, to advanced application. Throughout, you will learn not just how to build a Balanced Scorecard-by itself, a static tool-but rather how to integrate it into a complete, closed-loop process that drives strategy execution.

You will discover techniques for fostering organizational alignment, ideas for integrating your strategy management system with your pre-existing process and quality management systems, and innovative applications of the framework to inspire you as you embark on your own execution process.


Simply put: to achieve results
In the 22 years since Drs. Kaplan and Norton introduced the Balanced Scorecard, it has grown to a fully integrated process for managing the execution of strategy. More importantly, it creates results.

One recent study showed that over the course of three years, companies that use the BSC achieved three times the growth in shareholder value of those that do not use the BSC.

Since their first article introducing the Balanced Scorecard was published in 1992 Drs. Kaplan and Norton have remained at the center of this global phenomenon.

They have published five books and numerous articles on the subject of strategy execution. Their synthesis of end-user experiences has culminated in the creation of a systematic process that is being implemented around the world by organizations that want to achieve breakthrough performance.

Today the BSC is reported to be in use at over 70% of organizations around the world.


Organizational leaders responsible for strategy execution
The Master Class is designed for those who are responsible for establishing the strategic vision and those who are tasked with achieving it:

  • Senior leadership
  • Members of the strategy management team
  • Members of the extended strategy execution team:
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Functional Experts
  • Project Managers

Attending the Master Class with other members of your leadership team is a proven approach to gaining additional buy-in and building momentum.

Special Offer – MD's and CEO's attend free if accompanied by their team.



17 Apr 17 - 21 Apr 17
9:00 am - 5:00 pm



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