The Balanced Scorecard Institute of EMEA, in association with several Universities in the UK and Africa created international balanced scorecard certification standards with its International Balanced Scorecard Certification Master Class Program.
Our comprehensive systematic approach is based on the proven Dr Robert Kaplan & David Norton Balanced Scorecard Strategy Execution Methodology that is used to help both public and private sector organisations to effectively execute their strategies.

Balanced Scorecard execution shouldn’t be a metrics game. Come learn how to achieve sustainable success using our 10 steps strategy and balanced scorecard execution system.

There is no better introduction to the Balanced Scorecard than learning from real life practitioners that have successfully implemented the balanced scorecard both internationally and in Africa. Our experience with scores of enterprises and with nearly 10,000 scorecards developed in the last 10 years provides insights that have been successfully leveraged by organizations that adopt—and adapt—this balanced scorecard framework.

The Master Class explains the Balanced Scorecard Framework from theory, to practice. to advanced practical application.

Throughout, you will learn not just how to build a Balanced Scorecard— by itself, a static tool—but rather how to integrate it into a complete. closed-loop process that drives