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Setting performance targets: critical facts you can’t afford to ignore

For any event to be sensible, it must have targets. Otherwise, anything goes and it becomes impossible to determine whether success has been achieved or not.

Targets give direction and provide the motivation to plod on. They enable the assessment of performance and therefore the management of the event. Targets flag what must be achieved for the event to be termed successful. They give meaning to measurement. Continue reading

How Balanced Scorecard tackles barriers to strategy execution

You can have the best strategies in the world, but they are only as useful as the level of their execution. Yet a majority organisations still struggle to blow life into their outlined strategic objectives. Why might this be so?

Creators of the Balanced Scorecard, Robert Kaplan and David Norton, blame this general failure on four common limitations. They classify them as Vision Barrier; People Barrier; Management Barrier; and Resource Barrier. Continue reading

Solving the strategy execution headache

Studies have found that about nine out of 10 organisations fail to execute their strategic plans. Strategy execution thus ranks high among the headaches of business leaders across the world.

A study by strategy specialist, Dr David Norton, and Harvard Business School professor Robert Kaplan, traced this to a finding that about 95 per cent of the employees in many organisations were either not aware of or did not understand the strategies in place. Continue reading