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Creating a truly useful vision statement

An organisation’s growth begins with a vision. The act of envisioning a desirable future ultimately inspires the initiation of specific activities to deliver the envisaged destination.

Advanced strategic planning is anchored on the understanding that to effectively plan a realistic strategy, the aspired destination must first be defined, refined and clearly understood. A strategic plan that begins with a clear end in mind is likely to carry the right focus through its various facets. Continue reading

Effective environmental scanning requires dedication

Environmental scanning is one of the most important preliminary activities in strategic planning. It is the process that gives strategy planners the facts to help them create realistic tactics.

It involves seeking ready data that help in forecasting what the atmosphere could be like in the years to come. This is its major point of departure from the more familiar SWOT and PESTEL analyses, which dwell heavily on the present state of affairs. In fact, in environmental scanning, SWOT and PESTEL are components that fit into a larger analytical frame. Continue reading

Balanced Scorecard: Why it is time for Africa

The Balanced Scorecard performance management system has gained fame around the globe, starting with a higher concentration in the West and gradually spreading to other parts of the world.

The systematic spread of the tool has been made possible by the rare mix of its simplicity and effectiveness. Its adaptive nature has enabled all kinds of organisations to adopt it, be they large, medium, small; private or public; or even non-governmental. Continue reading

How to develop an effective strategic plan at first attempt

Effective strategic planning requires a high level of preparedness. The rigours of today’s highly dynamic and innovative world are not an inch tolerant to leisurely approach to the development of strategies.

An effective business strategy must be alive to the subtleties of the world. For that, good strategic planning must entail breaking genuine sweat to put in place tactics that are real to not only the prevailing circumstances, but also to the envisaged scenarios and possible surprises. Continue reading

Try thinking backwards when making your next strategic plan

In my many readings, I have come across statements that inspire, motivate and educate in ways that are unforgettable. Some appear quite simplistic, but they are laden with teaching. One such statement goes: “The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.”

This sounds quite obvious, but let’s be honest; do we ordinarily think that way? I don’t think so. However, it is high time we did. Continue reading